Store sales and management program

برنامج محاسبه كاش
Enterprise and Stores Cash Sales Management Program It’s a software system that specializes in Sales, procurement and store management.   There are many businesses that have a outlet (shop) and a large distribution store for retailers and their outlet, so these organizations need to Sales program and stores In addition, he specializes in managing stores and commercial companies, he also specializes in managing organizations that combine outlets and distribution stores, and here are some characteristics that make Cash a unique program specialized in sales and store management.

1- Accounting program Cash by organizing the inventory for me.

  Accounting program Cash organizes the quantities of inventory to me according to the sales and purchases and even returns without the need to add or deduct the quantities manually by the user  

2- Supports Accounting program Cash multiple stores with each store connected to a specific employee

  Cash Accounting program supports multiple stores so that the user can divide the stores into a main main store and sub-stores representing outlets in order to facilitate inventory and control of quantities and extract and print reports so that it is easier understood for the average user.  

3- Cash accounting program supports periodic inventory of stores

Where it’s easyAccounting program Cash for store management and sales the user has to many inventory operations and stock adjustment and also extracts store balance reports and quantities in stores and printing them  

4- Supports Accounting program Cash enter expiration dates (to suit commercial activities that operate in validity)

  Cash Accounting program for store management and sales supports the introduction of expiration dates (suitable for commercial activities that operate with validity) and alerts the user to items whose powers are nearing completion long before that up to 90 days  

5- Cash alerts you to items that are almost out of date

  Cash Accounting Program supports the sales and stores department’s demand limit, which alerts you to items that are close to access when you reach a certain limit that you select and let it be 10 pieces for Class X.  

6-Cash supports the definition of items in color and size

Cash sales program supports the definition of items in size and color to suit businesses that work in the fields of clothing – shoes and bags – paints …..

7- Accounting program Cash in sales and procurement management

Cash also manages sales and purchases in an integrated manner through sales, purchase and return invoices, also issues and prints reports, the sales program and store management supports cash accounting program registration more than one point of sale, cash supports the possibility of making a quote and registering one item by more than one price   So it guarantees through  Accounting program Cash Store Control, Volume and Items Regulation, Sales and Procurement Department, Items Management, Outlet and Pos Management to fully manage both outlets and stores.  

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Store sales and management program

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