The program is officially approved by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

Customer Reviews

Alaa Shaban

I have chosen Cash program for its ease of dealing as it facilitates the process of data entry and gives me accurate and thorough reports that make it easier for me to manage my activity and track the sales, purchases and inventory processes of petra company of its program Cash to take care of the new notes i give them and develop it to be suitable for the labor market.


Mahmood dell

Cash program is very easy to meet all the needs in the practical field.

Mohammed Al-Jazeeri

The company has gained my trust in it and when I use Cash and I found it one of the best programs in the management of stores, it provides inventory reports and reports on tracking items and their movement.


Mohammed Allam

I have used cash because it is very proportional to my activity and provides me with registration of validity dates on the items and alert reports near the end of the items, which makes it easier for me to inventory the shop.

Mahmoud Seif

My partners and I chose Cash because of its excellence from other programs in the ease of dealing with it and its appropriate price as well as providing us with technical support and services to the fullest.

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