Cash Sales Program

برنامج مبيعات

كاش Sales program Suitable for all commercial purposes, especially types of multi-type projects because it is characterized by By carefully classifying and dividing the items into groups and recording colors and sizes of the varieties, in addition to that it is possible to allow the item to deal with fractions and not only piece by piece, so that a quarter of the entry item or any percentage that is specified and register the validity date of the items, and other features that enable the project manager to follow the project accurately and without disruption for any reason.

You can follow the following:

  • تسجيل العملاء و الموردين : يوفر Sales program Cash register customers and suppliers and register their data with the possibility of setting a credit limit for each customer or supplier.

  • المبيعات و المشتريات : يوفر Sales program Cash sales and purchase registration in cash and yes, with automatic calculation of the total invoice. Follow-up payments of customers and suppliers, and issue bonds for the registration of arrests and payments.

  • Registration of return sales and purchases: The return process results in many operations such as a change in the treasury account, registration in the store and changes in profit reports and the most mobile items and others, only you have to enter the invoice number to be registered and challenge the items only, and the data is automatically changed as a result of the return process

  • Registration issued and incoming: Services may perform in return for money and are not registered as an item but are considered profits or are subject to administrative expenses, so the sales program provided cash registration issued and received.

  • Multiple stores: The possibility of dealing with more than one store and issuing transfer permits between stores and inventory stores

  • Multi-user: providesSales program Cash register users with the possibility of assigning a name and pin number to each user.

  • Multi-user: provides … Sales program Cash the possibility of backing up the program, and retrieving it easily.

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Cash Sales Program

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