The program is officially approved by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

About Cash

Cash is a program for management sales and stores accounts and business activities

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Program is easy to design and a high accuracy

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Technical Features

• Is available in Arabic and English.
• Integrates with Windows 7 (X86 – X64),Windows 8(X86 – X64)
• Building by C # programming language supported by Microsoft.
• Supporting working in LAN and within central database.
• Support printing reports and exporting it with more than 10 applications such as : Excel , Word , Rtf , Pdf , Xml.
• Base on MYSQL database.
• Building on the latest design of the window screens.

Technical Support

• Direct Support Team Viewer .
• Instant upgrade through Http.
• Field visits.
• Electronic Training CBT.
• Support for electronic cloud system to use the software through the Internet.

List items containing

  • Groups items : You can add a new group of items.
  • Items : It enables you to enter a new item and set an alarm expiry date and identify Beginning balance,colors and sizes of items and identify supplier Which purchase product from it.
  • Prices : You can add more than one price of each item. .
  • Print barcode : The program support you to read and print barcodes and supports international barcode readin .
  • Sizes and measurements : You can add data to the names of sizes and measurements .
  • Colors : You can add data to the names of colors .
  • Print reports : (categories groups/ size data/ color data / price data / items data / price data of varieties / first-term balances of items / movement of items / quantities of items in stores / quantities of bestseller items / quantities of lesser-selling items / items under demand / profitability of items / items under demand by period).

List of suppliers and customers containing

  • Customers : You can add customer data and the statement of the movement of customers and print it .
  • Delegates : Enter data of delegates and determine the beginning balance and the ratio .
  • Suppliers : Enter data of suppliers to determine the credit limit and beginning balance .
  • Print reports : (customer data/ supplier data/ delegate data/ supplier types/ customer items/ most moving suppliers/ less traffic suppliers / less traffic customers / most moving customers / total customer accounts / total supplier accounts / supplier prices).

List of invoices containing

  • Bill of sale: You can add a sales invoice with a cash or forward payment method.
  • Returned sales bill: The possibility of making a return for sales bills.
  • Purchase bill: You can add an invoice with a cash or forward payment method.
  • Return invoice purchases: The possibility of making a return for purchase invoices.
  • Print receipt: You can extract sales invoice receipts and return them with the invoice number.
  • Print reports :  (Invoice through number / all invoices / sales and purchases combined / total sales during the period / total return sales during the period / total purchases during the period / total purchases during the period / total return purchases during a period).

The list of accounts containing

  • Exports and imports: You can add export and import data.
  • Customer payments: You can register customer payments whether you receive or pay.
  • Supplier payments: You can register supplier payments whether you receive or pay.
  • POS: Point-of-sale data registration .
  • Print reports: (exports, imports/ customer payments/medrine payments/ supplier accounts/ customer accounts/ treasury movement / POS data / cash transfer / POINT movement).

List of management and enables you to

  • The possibility of identifying more than one user and determining the tasks and powers of each user.
  • The presence of a username and password for each user and the possibility of changing them.
  • Registration of the data of the institution or company.
  • General settings.
  • Back up and retrieve the database at any time.
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