Most frequent questions and answers

Is Cash supports barcode?

The Cash Program can record of a special code for each item and the program supports printing code using thermal printers and A4 printers as Cash program is compatible with barcode readers devices of all kinds

Is Cash supports selling more than price?

Cash have lists of different prices for one product.

Is Cash supports login by more than one user and define the permission of each user ?

Yes, cash Support multiple users and select a different permission for each of them.

Is Cash supports recording Expiration date for each product?

Yes, Cash can recording Expiration date for each product.

Is Cash supports record volumes and sizes and colors for each product?

Cash can enter multiple sizes for each product, as well as the multiplicity of colors according to your need.

Is Cash can record stores?

Cash can record more than one store with feature that can transfer items from the store to another.

What about POS in Cash?

Cash can adding more than one of a selling point as it supports you to identify each user its own selling point

Can I know the amount of items in the stores?

Cash program has a lot of reports such as special report quantities of items in the stores and also reports on the knowledge of the movement of items in the stores and the items most and least-selling

How can I follow customers’ accounts?

Cash program offers you the reports of customer accounts, whether a creditor or a debtor also gives you reports of payments and receipts clients.

How can I follow the movement of the Treasury?

Cash offers you a detailed report on the movement of Treasury explains every treatment and its history, and the time in which it was and its impact on the treasury balance giving you a distinct control.

What Should do if trial version not work with you?

  • What Should do if trial version not work with you?

What are the activities that are suitable for Cash?

Cash is based on the existence of the accounts of stores and sales and purchases, and customers and suppliers so it fits many of the activities such as:

  1. stores of various kinds
  2. spare parts
  3. Management clothing stores
  4. food trade
  5. Cosmetic activities
  6. Libraries
  7. Various accessories Activities
  8. Electronic devices shops …….. other trade activities.

What programming language used in the Cash?

Cash designed by C# language.

What is the database type used in the Cash?

Cash uses MYSQL databases, which are produced by ORACLE company.

What are the steps to get the full version of the program?

After the experiment of the program and make sure your suitability for you,you can get the full version purchase online through our website or contact us on the number 01092142111.

What payment methods are available?

We have more than one way such as:

    1. Bank via the official account of the company Petra as the National Bank of Kuwait (Petra Software – 3801280527310010)
    2. Transfer Across Egyptian post
    3. Transfer money by Vodafone Cash Using a No. 01024825570
    4. You can also transfer money from outside Egypt through:


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