Cash Customer Accounts and Sales Program

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Sales program Cash organizations manage sales, purchases, inventory and accounts in The business.


But by focusing on the accounts part, especially Customer accounts We’ll explain how Cash manages customer accounts quickly in the Cash sales program.


One of the most important operations that occur in the business is dealing with customers in sales processes, so the owner of the organization needs to organize the accounts and payments of customers, whether cash or futures,

Also manage their payments according to the type of price provided to them for products (companies – stores – final customer – cash ………..), also regulating their debts and credit limits for them and others

Sales and accounts program Cash is doing therefore.


1- Customer Payments Management

Cash Sales program manages customer payments, cash and futures


2- Customer Credit Border Management

You can set a credit limit for each customer so that Cash warns you that this customer has extended the credit limit, thereby determining the type of Dealing after that.


3-Manage each customer’s payments by price type

Most businesses offer more than one price per product according to their destination (companies – cash – yes ……….)


4- Customer account and payment reports

From the total customer account report and the customer account report you can find out the details of customer accounts and payments


Sales Program Cash is an integrated sales program for sales, procurement and store management, but it also helps you manage customer accounts so that you can eventually, with simple pressures, identify your customers’ accounts and accurately calculate your organization’s revenues and profits.

To try out the free trial version of Sales program Cash

Sales program Cash

Cash Customer Accounts and Sales Program

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