The program is officially approved by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

Cash Program

Cash program is a program for managing shops such as clothing stores, supermarkets, electrical stores, cosmetics stores, bags and shoes stores to manage the sales and accounts of your commercial organization

Cosmetics stores
clothing stores
electrical appliance stores
bags and shoes stores


Welcome to Petra for IT Industry … Petra is a software development company .. We are confident that success is achieved through the exchange of good business.

About the company

Petra Company has great experience in providing customer services, our thinking is based on customer satisfaction, and we are confident that the most successful business has no limits. Therefore, Petra offers important solutions and services that develop your field of work. Petra’s team meets to implement advanced programs based on information technology, and they have influential skills in the art of speaking and dealing with customers through discussions and appropriate information that helps transform imaginative ideas that cross oceans into reality in Petra.


What we do?

Our company is an experienced company with the best customer services. Our mission is customer and business satisfaction


How we can help you?

We receive your complaint immediately, and will work seriously to resolve it as soon as possible. Please note that our business hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Cairo local time from Sunday to Thursday. We apologize for the late reply outside business hours


Why you choose us?

Our main mission is the flexibility and ease of doing business that customers need to interact in the long run. All of our projects are produced with innovation and brilliant work Petra is a specialized programming company focusing on web development, hardware software, desktop applications, e-commerce, ERP systems and technology consulting.

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